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Seminars 3 to 4 days

Landscape of your choice. 

Iris .jpg
An Indian Daisy.jpg

Seminars 3 to 4 days

Flowers of your choice.

Phone 2020 March 4332 (2).jpg

Layered Luster Seminars 4 days

Layering of Luster colors and textures.

Phone 2020 March 4311.jpg

Luster and Metallic Seminars 4 days. Wet on Wet Luster and layering of metallic.

Phone 2020 March 3825.jpg

Techniques and Lusters Seminar 5 days. As many as 10 Techniques and Luster Layering.


Squirrels Only  Seminar  3 days 

Highlighting of Luster.


Birds Only Seminar 3 days

Highlighting of Lusters.


3D Bugs Seminars 3 days.

Building and painting of Bugs.

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